All orders are accepted under the following terms and conditions in which the ‘customer’ is the person or persons, company or establishment who have agreed to purchase goods and/or services, and the ‘company’ is Walton Sectional. No variation of these conditions shall apply unless confirmed in writing by the company from its trading address.

1. PAYMENTS: Unless otherwise stated on the order form, a minimum deposit of 60% must be paid upon placing the order, with the balance being due no later than the day before delivery of goods and completion of the work carried out by the company. Any account outstanding beyond our terms of reference will be subject to a surcharge of £50.00 to cover costs incurred. Such accounts will also be subject to any other costs incurred in obtaining settlement. In addition, a credit charge of 2% above base rate will be applied to any invoice not paid by the due date.

2. TITLE: Title to any goods supplied by the company shall not pass to the customer or third party until such time that any outstanding balance of full contract price has been made to the company. This gives the seller the right to remove any goods that have not been paid for in full.

3. DELIVERY DATES: Delivery dates are subject to alteration and should be considered approximate only. Notification of change of delivery date will be made whenever possible. The company will not be liable for any loss incurred as a result of changes to a delivery date.

4. ACCESS: The customer will ensure there is good access to the site. Should any difficulties arise regarding access, the customer must notify the company prior to delivery. Upon such notification, the company reserves the right to make an additional delivery charge. Where goods are delivered only, the company shall not be required to place those goods in any specific location within the customers premises. The nearest off-loading point may be deemed appropriate ie: Kerbside delivery, at the discretion of the delivery driver.

5. DELIVERY/INSTALLATION: If there is a period between the company delivering the materials for a building and the erection of such building, the customer will be responsible for the security of those materials. The company shall not be liable for any subsequent loss or damage. If any defect is found upon delivery, the driver must be made aware of the complaint and the company must be notified in writing within 14 days. If no written notification of a complaint is received by the company, the customer shall be deemed to have accepted the goods in good order and intact. If a building cannot be erected at the time of delivery due to on site circumstances or a poor base, the company reserves the right to make an additional charge for a revisit to complete the work.

6. BASES: Where the company is commissioned to erect a building onto an existing base, it must be flat, level, and suitable for the building. Where a base falls short of these requirements, it may still be possible to erect the building by using packing at the companies discretion. If the use of such techniques compromises the finished standard of the building, the company shall not be held responsible.

7. GUARANTEE: Unless otherwise stated, all materials and workmanship are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of supply. Provided that the company is notified in writing of any defects which become apparent during the 12 month period, it will, at its own discretion, repair or replace defective parts at its own cost. This guarantee does not include damage caused by the elements, wind , storm etc.

8. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Wood is a natural product and all trees are different with different properties. No one tree is exactly the same. These properties can include difference in colour, warping, twisting, splits, knots, knot holes, density of timber and variances with product finishes. The development and appearance of these natural properties of timber are not defects with the product itself and are not seen as any reason for anyone to claim for replacements, refunds or repairs. Sometimes deep and wide cracks can appear unsightly but we have considered for these issues in our design and they cannot be guaranteed against. These cracks do not in any way undermine our products of our structure. All our buildings take into consideration the natural properties of timber. We supply many satisfied people with our products every year, while they understand the beauty of natural materials and the quality of our timber being higher than the standard used in the industry. Any sizes that we show are approximations. The characteristics of the timber will change over time due to environment conditions. With the exception of flooring planks and bearers, all our timber used are planned and smooth. If however, the timber is ruff, it is down to the customer to sand down if they require it. Minor issues such as slight imperfections, we would expect to be dealt with by the customer with the use of adding wood filler and then sanding. All third parties who are due to carry out any type of work must wait until the install process has been completed and has been checked over and signed to confirm satisfactory completion.All care is taken in the manufacturing process but due to timber expansion and srinkage once installed the building could have gaps between boards or panels, sides to ceiling or sides to floor and this is not accepted as a defect in manufacture. Pressure treated timber should not be painted for 3-6 months until it has completely dried inside and out to to prevent one side drying out quicker than the other and should be primed with a suitable primer for pressure treated timber as this can warp or crack the boards, if this occurs Walton Sectional accept no responsibility. Timber is a porous material and will absorb water, although we try our very best to make all of our buildings water tight, we cannot guarantee this will be possible. If buildings still have moisture in them after manufacture they will need to be aired after installation and this is the responsibility of the customer. We strongly advise customers add guttering to steer away rain water and silicon all windows. Although our buildings come pre-manufacturer treated, it is recommended the building is re-treated with an oil/spirit based treatment inside and out to make the timber water repellent to preserve the quality and life of the product. All buildings should be aired out regularly to prevent any condensation or mould accumulating inside the building. If mould does appear on the building, Walton Sectional will not be held liable. Walton Sectional will not be liable for any damages to goods within the building. We do not take responsibility for problems arising from any work done on the building via third parties. All buildings when erected are felted with heavy gauge roofing felt. In adverse weather conditions, felt may tear and the building may leak, Walton Sectional will not be held liable for this. All customers/representatives are required to check the building and agree that all work carried out is of satisfactory standard. If there is no one available then it will be deemed that all work is satisfactory quality. Any refund if given regarding any building that has already been installed will only be given at the discretion of Walton Sectional if the building has not been modified or any additional treatment,Paint, Etc has been added other than that of the manufacturer. Any call out after the Guarantee period will subsequently be chargeable. In the event of conflict between these terms and conditions and any statement made by a representative of the company, these terms and conditions shall take precedent.